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Wills & Estates

It is critical to recognize the importance of protecting and preserving one’s assets through estate planning tools such as the preparation of wills and power of attorney. A will is a legal document that allows for your loved ones to know your intentions after you have passed away and act in accordance with the same. […]

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Residential Real Estate

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced commercial property investor, we provide a comprehensive range of Real Estate Law services to address the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

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Commercial Real Estate

Rabideau Law is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to acquire, dispose of, or lease commercial property. Our client-focused approach ensures that your company’s unique needs remain at the forefront of all negotiations. Our skill and proven expertise in the field of commercial real estate law will be leveraged to your advantage as we work […]

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Corporate Law

Whether you are incorporating a business, undertaking a major acquisition, initiating a corporate restructuring, or selling your business, Rabideau Law has a tailored, effective, and competitively priced solution.

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Tax, Debt and Insolvency Law

Our insolvency specialists are experienced in dealing with creditors and the Canada Revenue Agency to negotiate the reduction or elimination of your outstanding debt and tax liabilities.

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